Custom Designed Jewelry

Item #: Custom
Designer: D.NEA

Choose your metal and finger size to start the custom design process. Order with a graded loose diamond to save 5% off the diamond.

Not ready yet? Learn more about the custom design process and receive a free no-obligation quote.

Note: This is just a deposit. Your final price will depend on the metal, diamonds and labor required to make your jewelry.

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or call toll free 1.877.LAB.DIAMOND

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This amount will be used as a deposit, applied toward the final price of your custom jewelry. After which, you will receive 3D renderings of your design concept. From those renderings, the design can be refined until it is just how you want.

Custom designing jewelry and all the related changes can be a labor intensive collaborative process.

We recommend starting the design process after you have a good idea what you want, and should not be used for "exploratory design". We will provide free quotes prior to beginning the custom design process.

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