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Start with a drawing or description.
custom ring sketch
We will build your idea in a specialized 3D CAD program
custom ring model
Then provide 3D renderings of the ring in various angles
custom ring rendering
When the design is finalized, we will make it in metal, ready to wear.
custom finished ring

Custom Jewelry Design

D.NEA proudly offers custom jewelry design. If you do not see your ideal jewelry design, please contact us, we can design most any piece for you. From a unique solitaire to an artistic diamond encrusted pendant, all designs are possible, within the available sizes and quantities of diamonds. Round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds are available in many colors and sizes down to even 1.0mm. Designs can be supplemented with mined diamonds or other gemstones at your request.

Custom Design Process

  • Send us a request (description, drawing or images) and we will provide you a free, no obligation quote.
    • All of our own designs can be customized too (e.g. head of ring "A" and shank of ring "B").
    • Changing the number or size of diamonds, thickness or design of the metal or adding features like milgrain will influence the overall price. If there is a certain budget you are trying to stay within, please let us know.
    • While our designers are capable of making most anything, if there is an exact design you want as-is from another jeweler, we recommend purchasing it from that jeweler. Custom designs are not necessarily more expensive, but they are not usually less expensive than another jeweler's similar stock design.
    • When you are ready to begin the custom design process, place an order for custom designed jewelry and your diamond(s), if the diamonds are listed separately online. Don't worry, you can change the finger size and metal later on.
    • We will send you 3D renderings of your jewelry from multiple angles, along with a firm price to make this design. You can ask for any changes by describing them or drawing on the renderings (Paint, Photoshop, etc.).
    • Renderings can sometimes look a little boxy. During manufacturing, corners and edges round off and prongs are shortened to normal levels. You can see many photos of finished jewelry throughout our website.
    • Renderings will show on-screen as many inches across while the actual piece of jewelry will be under one inch in most cases. Small details will appear much larger than in real life.
    • We will refine the design until it is just how you want. The final price of your jewelry will be based on the total metal, labor and diamonds required. If the design doesn't materially change, your price is usually no higher than the price provided with the first set of renderings.
    • Once you approve the final design, we will begin making the ring in metal. When that process begins, the design cannot be changed without incurring additional fees. Custom jewelry usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive once production has started.

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