Custom Created Diamond

If you would like a diamond in a specific color, weight, shape or quantity, first check our in-stock diamonds.


If we have something close to what you desire, but not quite your ideal diamond, all of our diamonds include a lifetime 100% trade-up. You can purchase the in-stock diamond, then trade it in at 100% what you paid toward your ideal diamond, once it becomes available.

Custom Made

Ice-flower diamond
It is also possible to have a diamond custom made, just for you. If the size and shape is within the range we can consistently produce, we can custom make a diamond that meets your request.

It takes about two to six months to fulfill a custom order, depending on the specifics. A 50% deposit is required at time of order, based on the anticipated size, color and clarity. The final price will be based on the exact graded specifics, with the balance due prior to delivery.

Please note, due to the experimental state of the white diamonds, we do not currently accept custom orders for them.

Waiting List

If you would like a size beyond what we can consistently produce, or would not like to custom order a diamond, you can add your request to our waiting list. Simply add your requested color and other specifics. As new diamonds become available, we will contact you.

By adding a request to our waiting list, you are under no obligation to purchase a diamond when a match is available. Rather we simply notify you of the availability.

Additional Information: